is it okay to use the interhighexchange requests as a prompts list I hope it’s okay because I’m probably gonna do that tbqh

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I know that I’m an adult, but I need a higher level adult.

words that just left my lips and describe my current life. (via enjolrastopheles)

Me: *heals self*

Enemy: *heals self*

Me: Whoa. Whoa.

Me: What do you think you're doing?

Me: I just took off half your health bar, and then you go and do that?

Me: Yeah, I KNOW I just healed myself.



Me: It's different when I do it.



"ive got a hyuugass crush on you"


Hey everyone can we all consider not calling male characters “mom” anymore???

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and trying to brush it off with “it’s not a big deal” but no I really do think it is.

Calling male characters “mom” because they’re the caretaker type implies that only women can be caretakers and/or men are unfit to be caretakers.

I really don’t think I’m qualified to talk about why this is so harmful but I’ll do my best!!!

Like the societal norm of a family which is the mother who takes care of the kids and the home and then the father that works.

But now women work too. Which is good, but women are expected to work and take care of a home and children, a lot of the time all by themselves. And when the women can’t handle these situations on their own they are often scorned instead of helped.

On the other side men are still not expected to take care of kids. In fact we expect them explicitly to fail at raising kids. These expectations lead to men not even trying to take care of their children which in inexcusable.

People of all genders have the capability to be caretakers. People of all genders have the capability to abandon their children. But as a society we allow men to abandon their children more easily.

There’s also the issue of queer ships with two male characters where one is labeled “mom” and one is labeled “dad”. This implies that all people in relationships have to fit in to certain rigid roles. It can also imply that the only good family is one with a “mom” and a “dad”. Families are diverse!!

Also gender stuff which as a ciswoman I really don’t feel qualified to talk about. But mom is a word for women and girls so you shouldn’t use it to describe people who identify as male???

So please consider not calling male characters “mom” anymore. Call them dad or pops or papa.

Or for nongendering options there’s parent and probably a whole bunch of fun creative things I can’t come up with because I’m not creative at all!!!

Please reblog this and feel free to correct or add things!!!!





sirius gets a baby girl and names her orange and he’s just so happy and proud and he tells everyone he meets hey this is orange, she’s the new black

you have no idea how angry this makes me

siriusly angry?

and when sirius dies she will be the orphan black




If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, if you want dragons to eat or if you’re interested in doing the world a great cultural service, please read on!

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They need your help!

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Apart from doing the great cultural service of keeping this ancient breed alive, the farm of Háafell also offers their own goat milk cheese and ice cream, a variety of soaps and creams made from sheep tallow and wild Icelandic plants, and Icelandic handcrafts.

The goats from Háafell can be seen in Game of Thrones, as they are the goats the dragon Drogon burns and eats in episode 6 of season 4.

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